Feb 17, 2010

Wednesday - Face the Scale

I had a good week.  Down eight and one half pounds.  Stats updated.

I had over three thousand calories burned with a lot of walking.  Walking really is my preferred form of public, mindful exercise assuming I am capable of having a favorite thing I hate doing.  Maybe it should be called my least hated, dreaded, postponed or excuse-producing form of physical self abuse.

Also this week my caloric intake was above average but only by about one hundred.
It is important to note that my week begins on Wednesday which is why this is my day on the scale.

My goal:
≥ 286 Calories burned daily or 2,000 weekly, but more is better.
≈ 2,064 Calories eaten daily or 14,448 weekly.
Nutritionally my goals are a bit more complicated.  A description of those goals deserve a dedicated post in the future. I will say they are based on required minimums rather than a limit or boundary.
This weeks numbers:
Calories in: 13,169
Calories out: 3,035
Net calories: 10,209
Wt. ∆ -8.5 lbs.
Distance to goal: 164 lbs.

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