Feb 18, 2010

Jamie Oliver at TED 2010 : Obesity

I found this talk from television chef Jamie Oliver extremely relevant and very well done.  It was given at the TED 2010 in Long Beach, California, USA.  Jamie Oliver is on a mission to teach people how to cook, at home with simple tools and ingredients so they can be more healthy, or rather be healthful instead of obese and facing premorbidity illness and eventual premature death.

I think this sort of message is so important for people to hear.  I want the people in my life to hear it.  This problem I have is real, generational and I want to do everything I can to stop it cold.  In my life, I've had just about all of the "Fat" problems you can have, without earning a casket.  Who would have thought that a home economics class from the nineteen forties combined with nutrition education from today would be a wonderful solution?

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