Feb 27, 2010

Having an Out of The Box moment

I was out of the box and it showed on the scale.  +3.5 this week.  I've put off posting about it since I'm feeling extremely guilty about it all.  The awesomeness that is my Buttercup fell victim too.  So... I did what I must in these situations:
  • All my nutrition minimums were met that day and week.  
  • Stopped the damage - Avoiding the "Well there goes this week!" mentality.
  • Recorded the calories accurately.
  • Reported the matter to my health educator.
  • Avoided putting extra physical activity in to "make up" for it.
  • Came to class and faced the music.  ( We don't have a musical scale for weigh-in, but someone should really make one. Even if it's just for the pun.)
I am posting now because I am over it.  I have come to grips with this setback and I am ready to move forward.  I probably was ready well before now.  Maybe I did not want to confess to it again.  Or that posting the bad news was unpleasant. I am glad the bandage is cleanly off that wound.

So how did this happen?  I have given it some thought.  Buttercup and I are very close.  We have the ability to support when the other is weak.  We also have the ability to push and nudge and influence each other to misbehavior.  We have the habit of blurting out our impulses when we are weak. "I want..." or, "Ya know what would be really good right now?" This will occasionally strike up a discussion where we have a little food fantasy which always leads up to climactic disappointment. Knowing we are not eating that type of food or should not be spending money on those sorts of foods is one thing.  I guess I am not the first to say that, "Knowing and doing are very different things."

I fixate on some foods for a while.  I obsess over them. Normally I could and would have them.  I really loose sight of the reasons behind it all.  My clear vision on my goals is lost.  These times make me feel like a food addict the most.  The craving of food to the point I do bothers me.  This is not hunger.  This is not need for nutrition.  This is, as we have coined the phrase, "Fatbitchitus!"  I hate that I am that way.  I do not want it any longer.  I need OM NOM NOM BEGONE.  I need to have a OMNOMECTOMY  to cure my Fatbitchitus.

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