Feb 21, 2010

Finding Physical Activity - The San Diego Zoo

To be clear about it, I hate "PA" or physical activity.  I do not want to do it.  No planning for it or traveling to do it.  I do not want to become the sweaty and aggravated version of myself.  I take great effort to be especially stubborn about PA and generate all sorts of very creative and self-convincing resistance.

Of course, once all that crap wears off I tend not to mind as much.  All of the wind up before the pitch is a tremendous effort.  There is more self induced stress leading up to the event than there is administered by actually doing the exercise.  I am not real excited to have this aversion to PA.  I think would be a lot easier to skip that part; however, I do not think I am there yet.  The word on the street is that it may take a while to ever change.  For now the trick seems to be finding something I want to do and working a physical activity goal into it.

I want to take my camera to the San Diego Zoo.  I have a nice DSLR and a sweet 70-300mm lens.  The combination of which is perfectly suited to the disappearance of annoying netting or cages from my photographs.  Works quite well in most conditions and I have enjoyed the challenge of zootography.  The zoo does require me to walk quite a bit and most of it is on an incline.  Even better is that I am so motivated by the picture taking that I ignore the fact that I have gone for a several hours long walk.  Granted this is a rather low intensity exercise and even at this I could be getting much more "activity" accomplished.  Something is better than nothing.  And with regular use of this method I will have met my PA goals and developed a nice photo album for later use.

And then some how... I am reminded of the 2008 cinematic gem Yes Man starring Jim Carrey.  More specifically photo jogging. (Yes... I noticed the same thing about that clip that you did. Still has the same charm I think.)  I'll get there soon enough.  Good thing my lens has vibration reduction.

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