Feb 17, 2010

About this website


You can call me Surge, a nickname I've chosen. In this first post I'll explain my intentions. Things may change but here's the plan for now.

I am working hard to become a healthy, happy person. I am reaching out to the web a bit to lean on, vent and share with what I see as an active, aware and growing community of like-minded people. These people are on the same path as I am. I'll try to be interesting, informative and as open as I'm comfortable. Right now that means pseudo-anonymous.

On this website I plan to tag my posts with a few tags to help anyone find and follow any particular theme. As I sit here with zero posts made, I have only the plan in my head. So the plan thus far is to use the following tags:
  • Checking-IN - Used to post updates about me and my progress toward my goals.
  • Checking-OUT - Used to share external websites or things created by others.
  • Tool-Box - Talk about skills and utilities for reaching my goals. May also be used to tell you about things you can try.
  • Nutrition - A constant need and difficult objective. This factor is ever present when ever you choose to eat.
  • Soapbox - Here come the rants. I'm not blind to the world around me, but sometimes I really wish I could be. If you can't stand it - I understand.
  • Netcast - This is entirely experimental and loosely planned. No promises just yet.
So that should give you an idea of how to get around.

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